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Annapurna IV Expedition
Annapurna IV is one of the peaks of the Annapurna massif lying South of Manang and ... Read More
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Ama Dablam Expedition
Ama Dablam (6,856m/22,494ft) is one of the most spectacular mountains in the world,... Read More
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Baruntse Expedition
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Himlung Himal
Himlung Himal is one of the infrequently visited mountains of Nepal lying between t... Read More
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Putha Hiunchuli Expedition
Putha Hiunchuli is the westernmost peak of the Dhaulagiri long range to the west of... Read More
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Everest Expedition Nepal
Everest (8,848 m. / 29,028 feet) is also known as Sagarmatha (The Mother Goddess of... Read More
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Makalu Expedition
Makalu (8,463 m/27,767ft) is an impressive mass of red granite and close neighbor o... Read More
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Manaslu Expedition
Manaslu (8,163 m/26,781 ft) is also known as Kutang is situated in the central regi... Read More
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Cho-Oyu Expedition
Cho-Oyu (8,201m/26,906ft) is one of the easiest of all 8000m mountains rising 8,201... Read More
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Everest Expedition North side
Everest (Chomolungma)-the mother Goddess of the World - rises majestically to its s... Read More
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Chamlang Expedition
Chamlang is a beautiful mountain lying in the Makalu region (Hongu valley, southwes... Read More
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Tsum Valley Trek
Tsum Valley is a sacred Himalayan pilgrimage valley situated in northern Gorkha, Ne... Read More
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A land veiled in secrecy, closed to foreigners for hundreds of years, the roof of the world with its mystery, grandeur and overwhelming sights is now open to visitors.

Our trips to Tibet take you to extraordinary places of religious and cultural interest, introduce you to the pious monks and the nomadic herdsmen of the Tibetan plains.  You can walk through the bazaars of old Lhasa, circumbulate - trek Mount Kailash (the centre of the Universe!) and take in the awesome sight of Mt. Everest from the Rongbuk Glacier.

Generally speaking the best time to visit is April through mid October.  This is also the time when the scheduled flights between Kathmandu and Lhasa operate, normally every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

We offer a limited but very attractive series of tours, treks to Tibet.  The South Asiaa Treks  organise tours and treks to Tibet including Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyantse, Tsedang, Mount Kailash and Manasarovar.

About the tours
The tour usually operates on private and organized basis. Fixed Departure dates are also available for the tours. To organise a private tour we need a minimum of four people, however a private tour for 2-3 people can be organised also with an extra supplement. The prices given are on a twin share basis, although a single supplement is available.

Throughout your time in Tibet you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable Tibetan guide who will not only act as an interpreter but will also provide a valuable insight into the Tibetan way of life.

Accommodation in Lhasa will usually be at the Lhasa hotel or Himalaya hotel or Shongbala / Dhoodgu, which are all renowned for their hospitality and warm Tibetan atmosphere. If you wish to stay at the Lhasa Hotel it can also be provided for an extra supplement. Meals will either be in the hotel or at a restaurant of your choice.

Outside Lhasa, accommodation will be in the best available hotels and lodges. Meals will either be in the hotel or at a restaurant of your choice [where available]. Whilst on the road, lunch will be at one of the many Chinese teashops along the way, which generally serve a variety of noodle and vegetable dishes and meat where available.

Despite the high altitude of the Tibetan Plateau, the daytime temperatures are actually quite mild. Between April and November the average temperature ranges from 15 - 25 degrees Celsius and the skies are generally clear and blue. From July to August, though, a brief shower can be expected during the day. The nights, however, can become very cold with temperatures dropping below 0 degrees Celsius. During the day, a light shirt or jumper and light pants will be suitable, but a warm fleece or down jacket is suggested for nighttime wear.

Visa requirements
For the Tibet trip you will need a double or multiple entry visa for Nepal which can be obtained either from your nearest Nepalese consulate or on arrival in Nepal. For Tibet, we will organise a group visa, and in order to do this we will need a copy of your passport at least 15 days prior to the commencement of your trip, followed by your actual passport 4 days before the trip. If this is not possible, a group visa can be arranged in 1 day, but this service incurs an extra charge of US$50 per person.

Entry points
Our tours are based on entry and exit from Kathmandu. However, you can also enter from parts of Mainland China, i.e. Beijing, Chengdu etc. A separate shall apply subject to change in entry/exit points.

Vaccination requirements change frequently, so we suggest you to consult your doctor at least 2 months prior to your trip. We also recommend that each person carry a basic first aid kit.

The main health consideration in Tibet is altitude related illness or Acute Mountain Sickness [AMS]. You may experience some mild symptoms initially, such as headache, lethargy, nausea and difficulty sleeping, but these should lessen within a few days.

Hotels in Lhasa are equipped with oxygen. Doctors will also be available on call basis. Outside Lhasa we carry a supply of bottled oxygen in the vehicles at all times should it be required.

Money matters
The Chinese currency is known as Renminbi [RMB] or 'The People's Money'. The exchange rate for RMB is approximately 7 RMB to 1 US$. You can change money at the hotels in Lhasa and in the Bank of China in Lhasa, Shigatse and Zhangmu. American Express and VISA cards are accepted in the same places.

Tibet is 8 hours ahead of GMT. Note Tibet is linked to Beijing time so when you cross the border to or from Nepal the time change is considerable. Nepal is 5 hours and 45 minutes ahead of GMT.

Tibetans are generally honest and Hotel staff can be trusted not to walk off with your belongings. Pickpockets are purse and snatchers are virtually unknown and there seem to be no scams aimed at parting you from your money. The situation has eased and Tibetans no longer risk being punished for taling with foreigners. Avoid taking photographs of Chinese soldiers.

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